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The following are the most frequently asked questions directed towards travel agents, regarding booking information.

Why do we need to provide our passport information to the travel agent?

​It is important to provide the correct passport information to your travel agent for several reasons: to ensure the correct spelling of names, which must match the ticket to board, to ensure children are discounted by checking birth dates, and also, we require expiry dates to ensure departure and return are before the expiry.

How far in advance of my flight should I book?

​It depends on your destination.  However,  at least two weeks is recommended for local flights.  We also recommend booking international flights at least three to six months in advance in order to ensure availability of the cheapest seats.

When are low seasons?

​Although every airline has its own cut off dates, this period generally begins December 24th and lasts until May 31st.  It usually begins again September 1st and lasts until November 30th.  Tickets tend to be significantly cheaper during these months.

Is it cheaper to travel on weekdays?

​Yes, in some cases depending on the airline.

How does e-ticketing work?

​You can book and purchase your tickets through your travel agent without having to go to the travel agency personally.  E-tickets may be paid and issued over phone or email, and printed on your end.

Do travelers require VISAs during stopovers?

​This depends on your destination, as well as your country of citizenship.

Do we need to reconfirm flights before departure?

​It is advisable to reconfirm flight schedule due to unforeseen circumstances including weather conditions which may cause delays or rescheduling.

How does "open return" work?

​Most airlines do not sell open return tickets.  However, there are airlines who do offer free return date changes.

What is the baggage allowance for my flight?

​Most airlines have a 2 piece limit for international economy passengers, with neither bag exceeding 50 lbs. (23 kgs.), nor can either exceed 62 in. (158 cm.) or 107 in. (273 cm.) combined.  For business and first class passengers, most airlines require that your 2 pieces of luggage do not exceed 70 lbs. (32 kgs.), nor can either exceed 62 in. (158 cm.) or 124 in. (316 cm.) combined.  For an extensive list of the baggage allowances for international flights on specific airlines, please refer to this document.


Please note that the baggage allowances for domestic and US flights vary among airlines, and the individual airlines' websites will have the most up to date information regarding their baggage allowances.

Is a hotel provided for my stopover?

​This depends on the length of your stopover, as well as which airline you will be taking.  Please inquire with your travel agent.

Which payment methods do you accept?

​Currently, we only accept all credit cards, bank drafts/cashier's cheques, and money orders.

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